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    1. This is the biggest question hanging over the global economy. And the biggest risk.
    2. 單詞entertainment 聯想記憶:
    3. 3. Grow your hair slightly longish, if it isn't naturally wavy (poor you), wear curlers to bed every night.
    4. diligent
    5. China's best performances by subject this year come from Tsinghua University, with three top-10 places, and Peking University, with two top-10 places. Tsinghua University finishes eighth in both Architecture/Built Environment and in Engineering (Civil and Structural). Tsinghua comes in 10th place in the world's Materials Science subject rankings.
    6. Technology is hardly a brand new phenomenon in the legal world — many firms now have partnerships with AI and machine-learning businesses, while some have set up their own “incubators” or invested in lawtech start-ups. But the trend has reached critical mass and will accelerate sharply in 2018.


    1. 排名:第三
    2. 4. gam / n . <俚> (尤指美麗女子的) 腿。
    3. 10. Copyscape
    4. n. 大巴,教練;(火車)客車車廂,四輪馬車,經濟艙
    5. Gross shifts, makes no sense: Just four months ago he warned the Fed is blowing a Credit Supernova, a new monetary bubble that would implode Bernanke's arrogant risky experiment putting America's future at great risk by bankrolling a Wall Street Ponzi Scheme and blowing a huge financial bubble.
    6. Verification and evaluation should be enhanced before publication, Wang said.


    1. Hidrate Spark 2會通過移動App跟蹤你的水攝入量和記錄你一天喝了多少盎司的水,還可以根據在有盎司數標識的水瓶里灌了幾次水來跟蹤你的飲水量。
    2. To be sure, that excitement can certainly lead to unrealistic declarations from those in the community. Some bitcoin developers and investors proclaim that within five years, all the major banks will be accepting bitcoin. That’s a stretch, acknowledges Peter Smith, COO of the bitcoin wallet Blockchain (not to be confused with the actual bitcoin block chain). “I hear a lot of predictions about how soon the whole world will be using bitcoin, and most of the time, those are unrealistic,” he says. “What we’re trying to do as an ecosystem is incredibly audacious, so it’s going to take a lot of time.”
    3. 2016年空前的海外收購潮消耗了中國大量外匯儲備,隨后監管部門開始嚴格限制境外交易。今年8月,中國政府出臺了新框架,鼓勵那些符合北京戰略重點的交易,并限制涉及娛樂、體育和豪宅等方面的交易。
    4. 喬布斯在蘋果博覽會上手持iPhone ,2007年,1月9日,舊金山
    5. Of the 200 nominated companies, 101 are privately-owned, while the rest are State-owned enterprises. The total value of these 200 listed brands has risen by 36 percent year-on-year to reach $696 billion, with the top 10 accounting for 46 percent of the total value.
    6. East Asia's cinephiles won't have a local favorite to cheer during this year's foreign-language Academy Awards race after the Taiwan epic 'Warr


    1. 史賽克:免費醫療床
    2. 過去4年里束縛經濟增長的主要因素就是停滯不前的薪酬水平。時薪年平均增長率僅為2%—僅有過去美國長期薪酬增長率的三分之二。
    3. 加強產權保護制度建設。
    4. 時間:2010-03-09 編輯:vicki
    5. In the US, he adds, ETFs emerged into a market where there were lots of registered investment advisers incentivised to use lower-cost products for their clients.
    6. "The guy must have weighted the pros and cons of the situation: he had a great chance to survive a stranded elevator, but would have been doomed if he left homework undone," joked @Zealshifang.


    1. 喬博部長表示:“今年,無論是在旅游還是在貿易、體育、文化,社會和學術交流方面,中澳兩國的關系都將更加緊密,并為進一步合作提供更多機會。”
    2. 今年初,執政的共產黨設定了今年貿易增長6%的目標,但2015年頭十個月的貿易總額同比下降逾8%。
    3. John Hummel, chief investment officer for AIS Group, a fund manager with $400 million under management, said all the new sources of global oil are expensive to extract, and he sees U.S. shale output falling by 2015.

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      IE商學院的在線MBA持續吸引著高素質的學員。其半數校友在入讀時為高管級別,為所有上榜學院中比例最高的。該學院的在線MBA學員在畢業3年后的平均年薪最高,為17.9萬美元,比薪資排第二位的(巴布森學院(Babson College)奧林商學院(Olin Business School))高出約3萬美元。

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      “LBS has a great student body, very diverse in terms of nationality, competitive and intelligent,” commented one American graduate from the class of 2012. “It also gave me the opportunity to study in the US [on exchange] without having to do a purely US-focused American MBA.”

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      The media are annoying, we get that, Your Royal Highness, but there may have been more dignified ways for you (and the establishment you represent) to air your concerns.

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      自從在2009年從榜單的第一位落到第五位之后,小甜甜布蘭妮的排名繼續下滑,隨著嘎嘎小姐和賈斯汀 比伯這些新星的走紅,布蘭妮在2010年僅名列第十位。

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      Will Emmanuel Macron secure a commitment from German chancellor Angela Merkel on a eurozone budget

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