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    1. The film pulls heavily from the life of Arthur Bremer, who shot presidential candidate and segregationist George Wallace in 1972. Similarly to his film counterpart, Bremer shot Wallace shortly after being rebuffed by a young girl. Overall, though, his life was much less exciting than that of De Niro's character, with the biggest commonality between the two being that neither actually succeeds in killing a politician.
    2. adj. 特指的;指定的
    3. 當晚的最大贏家可能還要屬主持人蒂娜?費和埃米?珀勒,這是兩人第二次搭檔主持金球獎頒獎典禮,且她們今年表現絲毫不遜去年,創下了1,970萬觀眾的六年來最高收視率。金球獎頒獎典禮由好萊塢外國記者協會(Hollywood Foreign Press Association)舉辦,舉辦地點位于加利福尼亞州貝弗利山莊的貝弗利山希爾頓酒店(Beverly Hills Hilton)。
    4. 你有D型人格特征嗎?有測試表明,擁有這種鮮為人知的性格的人非常善于隱藏情感,甚至他們自己都沒有意識到自己很孤單、很焦慮。
    5. 4. 馬克·特納四重奏(Mark Turner Quartet),《天堂里的車床》(Lathe of Heaven), ECM。這是次中音薩克斯手馬克·特納13年來第一次以領隊身份推出專輯,他喜歡同小號手阿維沙伊·科恩(Avishai Cohen)奏出流暢的互動,在后波普規范中發現全新意義。他的作曲中有純粹的神秘,由喬伊·馬丁(Joe Martin)擔任貝斯手,馬庫斯·基爾默(Marcus Gilmore)擔任鼓手的節奏組亦是一絲不茍。
    6. People have been predicting consolidation in this very fragmented sector for years and there have indeed been big mergers recently. But there is little doubt that price pressures on City law firms are intensifying.


    1. available
    2. A total of 61 IPOs were launched on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, down 67 percent on the same period last year. About 28.8 billion yuan (4.3 billion U.S.dollars) was raised, down by 80 percent.
    3. 《美國諜夢》(The Americans):FX頻道的這部電視劇以里根時代為背景,它和劇中兩位偽裝成美國郊區夫妻的克格勃間諜一樣具有欺騙性:第二季表面上看是冷戰驚悚劇,實際上是關于愛情、家庭、友誼和猜忌的情節劇。
    4. “這是關于‘我們是誰’的基本問題,”倫敦大學伯克貝克學院的政治學教授埃里克?考夫曼(Eric Kaufmann)說,“作為這個國家的一員意味著什么?它是否已經不再是‘我們’的國家?——‘我們’是指占多數的民族。
    5. Libby把這首歌放在了YouTube頻道的評論部分,我把它摘過來了。我將大量的可愛的表述和英式的俚語都用不同顏色區分開了。你能猜出其中的意思嗎?“OMG”表帶什么意思?
    6. 9. CO2 in the Earth's atmosphere passes 400 parts per million


    1. 美國電影學會年度電視劇獎
    2. 皮膚辛苦的擔任著包裹我們和保護我們整個身體的責任,因此它也成為了最容易被傷害的器官。當皮膚被燒傷或者被割破,你最快的選擇是從身體其他部位移植一部分過來。然而,感謝斯坦福大學科學家的研究,一種能有效替代人體皮膚的材料,不久后將面世。
    3. 雖然仿生腿對截肢者來說是巨大的福音,但是它們與人體缺乏真正的神經聯系,導致依靠仿生腿走路十分麻煩和勞累。但是去年,西雅圖的居民Zac Vawter 安裝了世界上第一支思想控制的腿,一種直接接受從他大腦發出信號的仿生肢體。
    4. The Magic are the single-most mystifying team in this entire exercise. They make little sense on paper or on the court.
    5. States are falling all over themselves to be chosen as the site for Tesla’s proposed $5 billion Gigafactoryto produce lithium ion batteries. California is competing with Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, and the bidding for the factory, which could employ up to 6,500 people, is said to be up to $500 million.
    6. The girl, said to be from Shanghai, paid the man between 1,900 and 9,500 yuan every day over a two-month period through online payments using her mother's mobile phone and debit card.


    1. The upshot: The world's largest economy can still function as an oasis in a desert despite the claims of doomsayers that those days are over.
    2. China’s outbound non-financial investment fell 40.9 per cent during the ten months through October, according to official figures, reflecting the enduring impact of strict capital controls.
    3. Adding a plant is beneficial, as nature is a subconscious link to energy. An orchid or bamboo plant is easy to maintain, while providing a refreshing element to your space.
    4. "People should just never walk away and leave their animals," Ms Lewis said. "Everyone has a legal obligation to look after animals in their care."
    5. 在2009年美國經濟開始復蘇時,全球其他地區開始陷入各自的困境。
    6. 今年中央各部門及下屬部門的招考崗位達到27,817個,創下歷史新高。


    1. v. 決定,決心,確定,測定
    2. 本次問卷調查的主要對象為中國高校2017年應屆畢業生,包括大專、本科、碩士及博士等,智聯招聘最終收回有效樣本93420份。
    3. Yes, even if real GDP growth does not. Speculation over the true GDP growth rate in China, as opposed to the official one, has spawned a cottage industry of specialist economists. The official figures are deceptively stable and serene thanks to suspected “smoothing” by the Chinese authorities, as they bend the figures to fit growth targets. So even if growth does stumble in 2018, the official growth rate is almost certain to come in above the preordained 6.5 per cent.

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      A disturbing and often bleak analysis of the automated future of work has been named 2015’s business book of the year.

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      It all started when Beatty opened the envelope to read the winner for best picture. He looked confused, took a long pause and then glanced at Dunaway. "Come on!" Beatty handed the envelope to Dunaway, who announced: "La La Land!"

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